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MVA Expressing Modified HIV envelope, gag, and pol Genes

Lead Inventor
Moss, Bernard (NIAID)
Wyatt, Linda (NIAID)
Earl, Patricia (NIAID)
Therapeutic Areas
Infectious Disease
Lead IC
This invention claims Modified Vaccinia Ankara (MVA), a replication-deficient strain of vaccinia virus, expressing Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) env, gag, and pol genes, where the genes are isolated from Ugandan Clade D isolates, Kenyan Clade A isolates, and Tanzanian Clade C isolates. In a rhesus macaque SHIV model, DNA priming followed by a recombinant MVA (rMVA) booster controlled a highly pathogenic immunodeficiency challenge. Both the DNA and the rMVA components of the vaccine expressed multiple immunodeficiency virus proteins. Two DNA inoculations at zero (0) and eight (8) weeks and a single rMVA booster at twenty-four (24) weeks effectively controlled an intrarectal challenge administered seven (7) months after the booster. Additionally, the inventors have generated data showing that inoculations of rMVA induce good immune responses even without DNA priming.

The inventors are continuing preclinical work on the vaccine, and have generated further data on the vaccine. Furthermore, the inventors are continuing to optimize the vaccine by genetically modifying the genes. This vaccine will be the subject of an upcoming Phase I clinical trial. These findings provide hope that a relatively simple multiprotein DNA/MVA vaccine can help to control the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) epidemic.
Licensing Contact:
Hurley, Benjamin