Licensing Process


The following information, in general, reflects the process for applying for a license to an HHS invention.

Licensing Process Steps; details appear below

STEP 1 – Identify Technologies

  • Use the Search Abstracts function on the home page or the Search Site bar at the top right of any webpage to search for and view abstracts describing HHS technologies available for licensing.

STEP 2 – Contact a Licensing & Patenting Manager

  • If you require additional information after viewing technology abstracts, please contact the individual named at the end of each abstract.

STEP 3 – Complete and Submit a License Application

  • The NIH Application for License is available for downloading at /resources.
  • Submit the completed form to the Licensing & Patenting Manager, consulting with her/him if you have questions. This individual will contact you after their review of your application.

STEP 4 – Review Model Agreement and Negotiate Terms

  • Model agreements are available for downloading at /resources.
  • Consult with the Licensing & Patenting Manager if you have questions. This individual will typically prepare the first draft of your agreement.

STEP 5 – Receive the Completed License Agreement

  • After execution, a Royalties Coordinator will contact you with the Welcome Package that includes an invoice and a copy of the executed license.
  • If tangible materials were licensed, the materials will be shipped after payment is confirmed.