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A Microfluidic Flow-Through Immunoassay for a Simultaneous Detection of Multiple Proteins in a Sub-Microliter Biological Sample

Morgan, Nicole
Lead IC
This invention presents a high throughput, multi-analyte microfluidic chip device. This device can be used for the detection and characterization of proteins, immuno-affinity assays as well as analyte detection in biological samples or other media. The sub-microliter volumes for use make this device applicable where biological samples are rare and difficult to obtain.

The device consists of a series of channels that are connected via communication ports for sample flow. The channels can be individually loaded with detection reagents via portals at their ends. As such, the assay channels can be run in series using a single sample source or individually via the loading ports, thus increasing the utility of the microchip device. Each channel can then be detected via colorimetric, fluorimetric or other detection method as desired. The chip can be integrated into multiple detection devices or other analytical equipment.

The chip as designed, is manufactured using photolithographic etching, thus the number and size of the individual reaction channels can be modified to increase the number of channels or the volume the channels can hold. The chip should also be reusable, thus further increasing the utility of the device.

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