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Particles for Imaging Cells

Hinds, Kathleen
Research Materials
Available for licensing are NIH patent pending contrast particles for use in MRI and flow cytometry to track cells migration in real time. Present cell-tracking studies rely on labeling cells with ultra-small dextran-coated iron particles that are endocytosed. The contrast agent of the present invention uses larger iron oxide particles, approximately 1 µm, situated in a tri-layer structure. The inner structure is a magnetic molecular complex of FITC (a fluorescent marker) encased in a layer of superparamagnetic microparticles, which is then covered with a shell of inert polystyrene and di-vinyl benzene coated with soluble -COOH groups. Accordingly, the particle is labeled with both a magnetic and fluorescent marker. This dual labeling permits monitoring of the molecule on multiple spatial scales, from intracellular distribution to distribution throughout the animal.
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