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Recombinant Plasmids for Soluble Immunoreceptors

Sun, Peter
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Immunoreceptors initiate signals leading to the activation of immune system against invasion pathogens. A number of soluble receptors, representing the extracellular ligand binding domains of the immunoreceptors, have been expressed using a recombinant bacteria expression and reconstitution system. This set of 21 plasmids, which can be used as immunological research reagents or to develop diagnostic tools, comprise the following:

Plasmid Description
CD16-28b Soluble CD16
CD94 (S34) - 30a Soluble CD94 truncated at S34
CD94 (E51) - 30a Soluble CD94 truncated at E51
NKG2A (109R) - 30a Soluble NKG2A 109R construct
NKG2A (117G) - 30a Soluble NKG2A 117G construct
TBRII-30a Soluble type II TGF-beta receptor
C143-30a Soluble KIR2DL2 receptor
NKG2D-22b Soluble NKG2D receptor
ULBP-1-22-b Soluble ULBP-1
ULBP-2-22-b Soluble ULBP-2
ULBP-3-22b Soluble ULBP-3
HLA-E-30a Soluble HLA-E heavy chain
HLA-Cw3 Soluble HLA-Cw3 heavy chain
TREM-1-22b Soluble TREM-1 receptor
TREM-2-22b Soluble TREM-2 receptor
NKp30-22b Soluble NKp30
NKp46-22b Soluble NKp46
NKp44-22b Soluble NKp44
Siglec-3-30a Soluble Siglec-3
Siglec-5-30a Soluble Siglec-5
Siglec-7-30a Soluble Siglec-7
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