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Novel Acylthiol Compositions and Methods of Making and Using Them Against HIV

Inman, John
Goel, Atul
Appella, Ettore
Turpin, James
Schito, Marco
Therapeutic Areas
Infectious Disease
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This invention provides a novel family of acylthiols and uses thereof. More specifically, this invention provides effective inhibitors of HIV that selectively target its highly conserved nucleocapsid protein (NCp7) by interacting with metal chelating structures of a zinc finger-containing protein. Because of the mutationally intolerant nature of NCp7, drug resistance is much less likely to occur with compounds attacking this target. In addition, these drugs should inactivate all types and strains of HIV and could also inactivate other retroviruses, since most retroviruses share one or two highly conserved zinc fingers that have the CCHC motif of the HIV Ncp7. Finally, this invention could be very useful for the large-scale practical synthesis of HIV inhibitors, because these compounds can be prepared by using inexpensive starting materials and facile reactions. Thus, it opens the possibility that an effective drug treatment for HIV could be made available to much larger populations. These thioesters may also be used as an active component in topical applications that serve as a barrier to HIV infection.
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