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Methods and Devices for Intramuscular Stimulation in Dysphonia

Ludlow, Christy
Lead IC
The invention is presently being licensed to two entities for treating dysphagia. The method and device of the invention can also be used for treating dysphonia, and the Public Health Service seeks a licensee to commercially develop this invention for that purpose. Qualified applicants are preferably those having implantable stimulators capable of inducing intramuscular stimulation of the laryngeal musculature to improve voice in humans. This invention will assist those persons who have chronic long-standing dysphonia. The invention comprises three unique components: 1) intramuscular implantation to produce two synergistic actions; 2) independent long term control of stimulation during speech by patients; and, 3) a unique system of combining indwelling intramuscular electrodes and controllers.
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Specialist (ALS), Admin. Licensing