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Development of Reagents to Examine the Expression and Function of CYP2J Subfamily P450s

Zeldin, Darryl
Bradbury, Jennifer (NIEHS)
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Cytochrome P450s catalyze the metabolism of a wide range of exogenous compounds, including drugs, industrial chemicals, environmental pollutants, and carcinogens. The 2C family of cytochrome P450 metabolizes an extensive number of drugs which include tolbutamide, S-Warfarin, mephenytoin, diazepam and taxol. The inventors cloned the cDNAs for several different CYP2J subfamily members including human CYP2J2, rat CYP2J3, mouse CYP2J5, mouse CYP2J6, and mouse CYP2J9. The recombinant proteins were expressed in insect cells. Additionally, the inventors also developed specific peptide-based antibodies to these P450 proteins and characterized their specificity and cross-reactivity by immunoblotting.

The following materials are available for licensing for commercial use:
  • human CYP2J2 cDNA
  • rat CYP2J3 cDNA
  • mouse CYP2J5 cDNA
  • mouse CYP2J9 cDNA
  • anti-CYP2J2rec (cross-reacts with all CYP2Js)
  • anti-CYPeJ2pep2 (human CYP2J2 specific)
  • anti-CYP2J9pep2 (cross-reacts with rat CYP2J3 and mouse CYp2J9)
  • anti-CYP2J5pep (mouse CYP2J5 specific)
  • anti-CYP2J6pep (cross reacts with rat CYP2J4 and mouse CYP2J6)
  • CYP2J2-CRPOR microsomes (baculovirus expressed)
Commercial Applications
  • The cDNAs and antibodies can be used to examine expression of the CYP2J subfamily P450s at the RNA and protein level in various cell systems, tissues and body fluids from a number of species including but not limited to human, rat and mouse.
  • The recombinant CP2J2 proteins can be used by investigators (particularly in pharmaceutical firms) to screen drugs and chemicals for possible metabolism by P450 and/or to identify endogenous substrates for this enzyme.
  • The recombinant proteins may also be used to examine cross-reactivity for other antibodies.
Licensing Contact:
Choudhry, Vidita