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Generalized MRI Artifact Reduction Using Array Processing Method

Kellman, Peter
Mcveigh, Elliot
Lead IC
The invention is a phased array combining method for reducing artifacts in Magnetic Resonance (MR) imaging. The method uses a constrained optimization that optimizes signal-to-noise subject to the constraint of nulling ghost artifacts at known locations. The method is effective in reducing or canceling artifacts that arise in a wide variety of MR applications, including ghost artifacts from echo planar imaging and Gradient Recalled Echo with Echo Train (FGRE-ET) imaging used in cardiac or other rapid imaging applications. The strategy of using phase encode acquisition orders with distortion that results in ghosts, followed by applying this phased array ghost cancellation method has a number of benefits, including reduced blur and geometric distortion, reduced acquisition time (eliminating echo shifting), and reduced sensitivity to flow.
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