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HCV/BVDV Chimeric Genomes and Uses Thereof

Nam, Jae-hwan
Bukh, Jens
Purcell, Robert
Emerson, Suzanne
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Therapeutic Areas
Infectious Disease
The current invention provides nucleic acid sequences comprising chimeric viral genome of hepatitis C Virus (HCV) and bovine viral diarrhea viruses (BVDV). The chimeric viruses are produced by replacing the structural region or a structural gene of an infectious BVDV clone with the corresponding region or gene of an infectious HCV. It covers the use of these sequences and polypeptides encoded by all or part of the sequences in the development of vaccines and diagnostic assays for HCV and the development of screening assays for the identification of antiviral agents for HCV.
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Soukas, Peter
Phone: 301-496-2644