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p300 KO HEK293T Cell Line for Multiple Research Applications

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Ji, Ming (NIEHS)
Li, Xiaoling (NIEHS)
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This technology includes p300 KO HEK293T cells using crispr/cas9 mediated gene editing technology to be used for various research applications. We showed that p300 deficient cells have impaired glycolysis and are hypersensitive to glucose depletion-induced cell death. p300 is one of major transcriptional co-activators that regulates gene transcription as a histone acetyltransferase. Recent studies reveal that it functions as "writer" for a variety of lysine acylations, including acetylation, crotonylation, butryrylation, 2- hydroxyisobutyrylation, and succinylation. Consequently, p300 has important functions in cell migration and invasion, maintenance of the differentiated state, tau-mediated neurodegeneration, and learning and memory.

Commercial Applications
These p300 KO HEK293T cells are ready to be used for a wide range of research applications.

Competitive Advantages
The p300 KO HEK293T cell line could be utilized as an in vitro model to investigate p300 functions in a wide range of research topics.
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Choudhry, Vidita