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Concurrent Use of Atorvastatin During Chemotherapy Reduces Cisplatin-induced Ototoxicity

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Cunningham, Lisa (NIDCD)
Schmitt, Nicle
Fernandez, Katharine (NIDCD)
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Pre-clinical (in vivo)
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This technology includes the use of atorvastatin, a medication to manage hypercholesterolemia, as a method to protect patients receiving cisplatin from hearing loss. Cisplatin chemotherapy is indicated in various cancer types in adults and children and is known to cause hearing loss. A patient on atorvastatin during chemotherapy is 46% less likely to acquire a significant cisplatin-induced hearing loss relative to a non-statin user. Atorvastatin is an FDA-approved medication routinely prescribed and well-tolerated clinically. The quality of life in cisplatin-treated cancer patients may be dramatically improved by using atorvastatin to protect their hearing during cisplatin-based chemotherapy.

Commercial Applications
Atorvastatin could be rapidly translated into clinical practice to protect the hearing of cancer patients undergoing cisplatin therapy.

Competitive Advantages
Currently, there is no FDA-approved clinical treatment to prevent hearing loss in patients receiving cisplatin as part of their cancer chemotherapy. Atorvastatin has a good safety profile, oral administration is non-invasive; significant side effects are rare, and statins do not reduce survival rates in cisplatin-treated patients.
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Shmilovich, Michael