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Three Cell Lines of Motor Neuron Progenitors for Various Diagnostic and Therapeutic Uses

Lead Inventor
Rao, Mahendra (National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases)
Development Stages
Pre-Clinical (in vitro)
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Human iPSC Lines
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This technology includes three distinct cell lines of motor neuron progenitors, derived from different sources: human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) line BC1, human iPSC line X1, and human embryonic stem cell (hESC) line H14. These cell lines hold significant potential for multiple diagnostic and therapeutic applications. A key advantage of these cell lines is the commercial availability of their starting materials (iPSC-BC1, iPSC-X1, and hESC-H14), which are not restricted in terms of usage of their derivatives. This aspect is particularly beneficial as it can considerably reduce the financial burden associated with initiating various research projects. In terms of applications, these cell lines are poised for use in studying brain development biology. They can also play a crucial role in testing different characterization and differentiation assays. Furthermore, the motor neuron progenitors and their derivatives may serve as controls in research, especially in screening for small molecules that can alter cell fate or mitigate the symptoms of various diseases.

Commercial Applications
These cell lines will be used for to study the biology of brain development and may also be used to test different characterization and differentiation assays. The motor neuron progenitors and/or their derivatives may also be used as controls in studies to screen for small molecules to change cell fate and/or to alleviate the phenotypes of various diseases.

Competitive Advantages
The starting materials (iPSC-BC1, iPSC-X1, and hESC-H14) are all available commercially and do not restrict the usage of their derivatives, and these cells will significantly reduce the financial burden of initiating many research projects.
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Knezevic, Vladimir