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Endo-cameral Closure Device for Structural Heart Defects and Blood Vessel Repair

Lead Inventor
Rogers, Toby (Med Star Washington Hospital Center)
Kocaturk, Ozgur (Bogazici University)
Lederman, Robert (NHLBI)
Sonmez, Merdim (NHLBI)
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Medical Devices
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Pre-clinical (in vivo)
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This technology includes a device to close a hole in the wall of a large blood vessel or cardiac chamber from the inside out, delivered over a guidewire and through a catheter or sheath. First, the proximal portion deploys within the vessel or chamber and is advanced over a guidewire to oppose the wall and seal the hole. Second, the distal portion self-assembles outside the vessel or chamber upon withdrawal of the guidewire. Deployment of the distal portion anchors the device securely in place.

Commercial Applications
This device could become a critical tool to have available in every interventional catheterization laboratory.

Competitive Advantages
There are currently no commercially available devices to close holes in the wall of large blood vessels or cardiac chambers, and has the potential to enable novel procedures that are not possible currently because of a lack of custom closure device.
Licensing Contact:
Mistry, Pragnesh