Technology ID

Identification of a Novel Parvovirus for Vaccine Development and Use as a Diagnostic Tool

Lead Inventor
Zhi, Ning (NHLBI)
Young, Neal (NHLBI)
Xu, Baoyan
Zhao, Keji (NHLBI)
Hu, Gangqing (NHLBI)
Therapeutic Areas
Infectious Disease
Development Stages
Pre-Clinical (in vitro)
Lead IC

This technology includes a procedure for novel virus identification in a variety of human specimens by solexa high-throughput sequencing, which allows for the screening a large number of clinical specimens for novel virus discovery in a highly efficient and relatively economical method. By using this technique, we have successfully identified a novel parvovirus from samples of seronegative hepatitis patients. In a total of 70 samples tested, nineteen of them (27%) were positive by solexa sequencing and 23 (33%) were positive by PCR, which was developed based on the viral sequences obtained from the solexa data. Based on phylogenetic and genome structure analysis, this newly identified virus represents a new genus of parvoviridae family. This discovery potentially lays a foundation for the development of diagnostic reagents, vaccine and treatment against the viral hepatitis.

Commercial Applications
  • Since the virus identified is novel, our discovery could be used in development of vaccine against the viral hepatitis diagnostic testing kit and treatment reagents.
  • The procedure and reagents invented for novel virus discovery could be used in clinical diagnosis of bacterial and/or viral infection.
Competitive Advantages
The method would be more efficient and cheaper than regular methods, especially in the cases of multiple pathogen co infection, unknown etiology infection, and fast detection of bioterrorism attack.
Licensing Contact:
Choudhry, Vidita