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Fluorogen-binding RNA Aptamers for Imaging and Analysis of RNA

Lead Inventor
Unrau, Peter (Simon Fraser University, Vancouver Campus)
Ryckelynck, Michael (Universite de Strasbourg)
Ferre-D'Amare, Adrian (NHLBI)
Trachman, Robert (NHLBI)
Dolgosheina, Elena (Simon Fraser University, Vancouver Campus)
Chiu Yuk Jeng, Sunny (Simon Fraser University, Vancouver Campus)
Panchapakesan, Shanker (Simon Fraser University, Vancouver Campus)
Abdolahzadeh, Amir (Simon Fraser University, Vancouver Campus)
Cojocaru, Razvan (Simon Fraser University, Vancouver Campus)
Autour, Alexis (Universite de Strasbourg)
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Pre-Clinical (in vitro)
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This technology includes a number of RNAs that can induce strong fluorescence of otherwise non-fluorescent small molecules to be used for imaging and analysis of RNA. These RNAs have many potential applications as tags for live-cell imaging of cellular RNAs, as well as reporters for in vitro diagnostics. The "Mango" family of fluorescent RNA-fluorophore complexes has been previously reported. Work in this laboratory led to the determination of the 30, atomic structure of four different versions of Mango RNAs (Mango-I, Mango-II, Mango-Ill, Mango IV), and these structures were used by the laboratory to generate versions with greatly improved fluorescent and biochemical properties.

Commercial Applications
Imaging of RNA and RNA-containing particles in live cells and organisms, localization of medically important RNA (including viral RNAs) in live cells and organisms, imaging-based detection and analysis of RNA, RNA-protein and RNA-small molecule complexes in vitro and in vivo.

Competitive Advantages
Fluorescent RNA-small molecule tags with improved properties will allow their routine use in vivo and expand their potential for in vitro applications.
Licensing Contact:
Shmilovich, Michael