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Methods to Produce Very Long Chain Fatty Acids (VLCFA) for Use as Nutritional Formulas and as Therapeutics for Disease

Lead Inventor
Swenson, Rolf (NHLBI)
Shi, Zhen-Dan (NHLBI)
Yang, Zhihong (National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NIH/NHLBI))
Remaley, Alan (NHLBI)
Development Stages
Pre-clinical (in vivo)
Lead IC

This technology includes a new method to prepare very long chain fatty acids (VLCFA), which does not use the previously reported toxic mercury amalgam, for use as nutritional supplements, and as therapeutics for various diseases. The key coupling step involves an organocopper mediated coupling of the Grignard regent derived from the bromo alkyl tetraene with a bromoalkyl containing a protected alcohol. After the coupling the alcohol Is deprotected and oxidized to prepare the very long fatty acid. The synthetic approach is flexible and can be used to prepare the other VLCFA compounds. Similar methods are used in the chemical industry for preparation of fine chemicals and should allow the synthesis of large quantities of material.

Commercial Applications
Our product with significantly high purity could be used as nutritional formulas and supplements, and as therapeutics for various diseases, disorders, and conditions.

Competitive Advantages
This robust synthetic approach that can be used to prepare these VLCPUFAs that doesn’t include toxic mercury and can be conducted at large scales.
Licensing Contact:
Shmilovich, Michael