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A Principal Component Analysis Based Multi-baseline Phase Correction Method for PRF Thermometry

Lead Inventor
Campbell-Washburn, Adrienne (NHLBI)
Majeed, Waqas (Siemens Medical Solutions USA Inc)
Schneider, Rainer (Siemens Healthineers AG)
Bhat, Himanshu (Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc)
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Pre-clinical (in vivo)
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Computational models/software
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This technology includes a novel Principal Component Analysis (PCA) based approach to correct motion related B0 changes in PRF thermometry. Proton Resonance Frequency (PRF) thermometry is a widely used Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) based technique to monitor changes in tissue temperature in response to thermal therapy. The use of PRF thermometry with thermal therapy procedures is indispensable to ensure delivery of desired thermal dose to the target tissue, and to minimize unintended damage to the normal tissue. PRF thermometry relies on phase difference between the acquired images, and therefore motion related baseline changes in organs of interest and background adversely affect the accuracy of temperature difference estimates, even when registration-based motion correction is performed to correct for displacements.

Commercial Applications
Used in MRI clinical imaging to provide substantial reduction in bias and variance due to motion related baseline changes.

Competitive Advantages
PRF thermometry is a high impact application of MRI and plays a critical role in guiding thermal therapy procedures. Our approach solves a significant problem encountered in routine clinical application of PRF thermometry and can therefore be of significant commercial value.
Licensing Contact:
Shmilovich, Michael