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Method to Detect and Quantify In Vivo Mitophagy

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Finkel, Toren (NHLBI)
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This technology includes a transgenic reporter mouse that expresses a fluorescent protein called mt-Keima, to be used to detect and quantify in vivo mitophagy. This fluorescent protein was originally described by a group in Japan and shown to be able to measure both the general process of autophagy and mitophagy. We extended these results by creating a living animal so that we could get a measurement for in vivo mitophagy. Our results demonstrate that our mt-Keima mouse allows for a straightforward and practical way to quantify mitophagy in vivo. There is considerable interest in this process as defects in mitophagy have been linked to a number of age-related diseases including Parkinson's disease.

Commercial Applications
License mouse model for detecting and quantifying in vivo mitophagy.

Competitive Advantages
Until now the ability to measure mitophagy has been very limited and there have been no good ways of measuring this process in tissues and organs in vivo.
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