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Methods and Systems for Automatically Determining Magnetic Field Inversion Time of a Tissue Species

Lead Inventor
Spottiswoode, Bruce (Siemens Medical Solutions USA)
Lu, Xlaoguang (Siemens Corporation Corporate Research)
Bi, Xiaoming (Siemens Medical USA)
Glielmi, Christopher (Siemens Medical Solutions USA)
Greiser, Andreas (Siemans AG)
Xue, Hui (NHLBI)
Kellman, Peter (NHLBI)
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Pre-clinical (in vivo)
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Computational models/software
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This technology includes a computer-implemented method for determining magnetic field inversion time of a tissue species using a T1-mapping image, information about the region of interest, and a tissue classification algorithm. This method includes T1-mapping image comprising a plurality of T1 values within an expected range of T1 values for the tissue of interest. An image mask is created based on predetermined identification information about the tissue of interest. Next, an updated image mask is created based on a largest connected region in the image mask. The updated image mask is applied to the T1-mapping image to yield a masked image. Then, a mean relaxation time value is determined for the largest connected region. The mean relaxation time value is then used to determine a time point for nulling longitudinal magnetization.

Commercial Applications
Ability to identify areas of healthy tissue in cardiac applications.

Competitive Advantages
Current methods and systems are difficult to automate, however this method has been automated which increases efficiency.
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Shmilovich, Michael