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Free Breathing Motion Corrected Pixel-wise MRI Myocardial T1 Parameter Mapping for Clinical Cardiac Imaging

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Spottiswoode, Bruce (Siemens Medical Solutions USA)
Kellman, Peter (NHLBI)
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Pre-clinical (in vivo)
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This technology includes a method for performing cardiac imaging without the need for the patient to hold their breath. Free breathing pixel-wise myocardial T1 parameter mapping includes performing a free-breathing scan of a cardiac region at a plurality of varying saturation recovery times to acquire a k-space dataset; generating an image dataset based on the k-space dataset; and performing a respiratory motion correction process on the image dataset. The respiratory motion correction process comprises selecting a target image, co-registering each image in the dataset to the target image to determine a spatial alignment measurement for each image, and identifying a subset of the image dataset comprising images with the spatial alignment measurement above a predetermined value. Following the respiratory motion correction process, a pixel-wise fitting is performed on the image dataset to estimate T1 relaxation time values for the cardiac region. Then, a pixel-map of the cardiac region is produced depicting the T1 relaxation time values.

Commercial Applications
Eliminate need for patients to hold their breath during imaging and to scan patients that are unable to hold their breath.

Competitive Advantages
Novel method to increase efficiency and patient comfortability during cardiac imaging.
Licensing Contact:
Shmilovich, Michael