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Adaptive Sensitivity Encoding Incorporating Temporal Filtering (TSENSE)

Kellman, Peter
Mcveigh, Elliot
Lead IC
The invention is an accelerated magnetic resonance imaging method developed to reduce the total imaging time for gated, segmented cine imaging or to increase the frame rate when imaging dynamic activity, such as heart motion or brain activity. The invention combines temporal filtering (e.g., the UNFOLD method) with a known spatial sensitivity encoding technique (SENSE or SMASH) to achieve a new technique that is the subject of the invention (TSENSE) having a higher degree of alias artifact rejection than could be obtained using either temporal or spatial filtering individually. The new technique tracks changing coil sensitivities over time, which may arise due to chest wall or other body motions, and provides time saving by eliminating a separate reference acquisition. The invention is thus a robust accelerated imaging method that tolerates body motion or change in scan plane without the need to reacquire additional reference images, and the method may be used to reconstruct the full field-of-view with a large temporal bandwidth.
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