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S1pr1 LoxP (S1p1 FM2Rip) Mouse Model for Developmental Biology

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Proia, Richard (NIDDK)
Research Materials
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This technology includes a mouse model for S1 pr1 to be used in development biology research. Sphingosine-1-phosphate is a potent bioactive compound that activates a family of G-protein coupled receptors known as Edg or S1P receptors. Triggering these receptors on cells may have important effects related to inflammation, immunity, cancer, angio-genesis, cell proliferation, adhesion, cardiovascular function, nervous system function and injury responses. Mice were produced with the gene for Edg1/S1P1 surrounded by loxp sites (Edg1/S1P1 conditional mice) which will be valuable in determining the functions of sphingosine phosphate and the Edg1/S1 P1 receptors. Since deletion of the Edg1 gene causes embryonic lethality, a conditional knockout (after birth) is required. Mice with a floxed S1P1 receptor gene were mated with mice expressing Cre-recombinase only in endothelial cells to disrupt the S1P1 gene exclusively in endothelial cells. The phenotype of the conditional mutant embryos was indistinguishable from the phenotype of S1P1 null embryos which indicate that S1P1 receptors in endothelial cells direct the coverage of embryonic blood vessels by vascular smooth muscle cells.
Commercial Applications
Mouse model for developmental biology research, useful for determining the function of sphingosine phosphate and the Edg3/S1 P3 receptor.

Competitive Advantages
Establishment of a conditional knockout mouse for S1 pr1.
Licensing Contact:
Shastri, Mythreyi