Technology ID

HEK293 Cell Line Deficient in Functional CASP8AP2 for Improved Production Efficiency

Lead Inventor
Shiloach, Joseph (NIDDK)
Abaandou, Laura (NIDDK)
Sharma, Ashish (NIDDK)
Research Materials
This technology includes an engineered HEK293 cell line expressing firefly luciferase by functionally knocking out the caspase 8 associated protein 2 (CASP8AP2) gene using CRIPSR/Cas9 genome editing for improved production efficiency. This engineered cell line possesses superior recombinant protein expression capabilities than the parental cell line from which it was created, while proliferating and metabolizing carbon at a comparable rate. Improved recombinant protein expression is mediated by growth arrest at the G0/G1 phase. This G0/G1 growth arrest is not associated with decreased cell proliferation.
Commercial Applications
Improved production efficiency in bioproduction.

Competitive Advantages
This engineered cell line exhibits up to a 5-fold increase in specific recombinant luciferase production, with comparable growth and metabolism to the parental cell line.
Licensing Contact:
Shastri, Mythreyi
Phone: 301-435-0613