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A Mood-Machine-Interface as an Intervention for Emotional Self-Regulation in Real-Time

Lead Inventor
Keren, Hanna (NIMH)
Stringaris, Argyris (NIMH)
Software / Apps
Non-Medical Devices
Medical Devices
Consumer Products
Therapeutic Areas
Psychiatry/Mental Health
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Computational models/software
Lead IC
This technology relates to a closed-loop controller that is being developed as a phone app for emotional self-regulation in real-time. There is a significant association between emotion dysregulation and symptoms of depression, anxiety, eating pathology, and substance abuse, affecting millions worldwide. Consisting of a closed-loop controller that adjusts reward values in real-time according to individual mood response, the Mood Machine Interface technology compensates for adaptation to stimuli over time allowing it to generate substantial mood changes in the user. This provides a quantitative assessment of mood that is independent of the user being aware of the experimental goal.
Commercial Applications
The technology fills a market need for a widely accessible and useful intervention measure for personalized emotional self-regulation in a non-clinical setting for individuals suffering from such symptoms.

Competitive Advantages
This technology provides a superior alternative to current technologies, which are qualitative, and where participants are aware of the experimental goal.
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