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NIMH DAO Toolbox: Data acquisition software that enables real-time sample analysis

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Hwang, Jaewon (NIMH)
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Occupational Safety and Health
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Infectious Disease
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Computational models/software
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This technology relates to a software package called NIMH DAO Toolbox that uses multithreading and a unique buffer structure to shorten gaps in sample readouts. Data acquisition devices running in continuous sampling mode collect data samples at a given sampling rate. The samples are typically stored in a memory buffer and read out at a regular interval. If the sampling rate is short enough, there can be a gap between the time the first sample is acquired and the time that sample is available to the user. This gap is typically on the order of tens of milliseconds. However, the maximum delay tolerable when doing real-time monitoring in behavioral/physiological experiments is typically one millisecond or less. This technology enables real-time data monitoring during continuous sample acquisition. In addition, the NIMH DAO Toolbox also has high performance in analog output, digital 1/0, and supports data acquisition from devices that do not produce voltage output.
Commercial Applications
  • NIMH DAQ Toolbox provides the management of memory and multi-threads that supports user applications with high-precision data acquisition requirements, with just a few function calls.
  • NIMH DAQ Toolbox is already being used as a data acquisition component of NIMH MonkeyLoglc, which is a popular software package for behavioral control. NIMH MonkeyLogic presents audio/video/electrical stimuli and records subject's behavioral response for psychophysical/neurophysiological experiments.
Competitive Advantages
  • The fast performance of NIMH DAO Toolbox lowers the cost of neurophysiology research solving the slow readout issue without the need for redundant data acquisition devices. This cuts the hardware costs by about half.
  • NIMH DAO Toolbox supports experiments that demand fast response latencies, such as closed-loop deep brain stimulation, without the need for more sophisticated and expensive hardware and software.
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