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Generation of mutant mouse alleles that functionally disrupt production of BDNF from its ndividual promoters

Lead Inventor
Martinowich, Keri (NIMH)
Research Materials
Therapeutic Areas
This technology relates to a mouse model that improves an existing method of disrupting the production of the BDNF protein in specific parts of the brain. A current avenue of research seeks to examine how gene expression may effect long-lasting changes in the nervous system. Previous work has resulted in a mouse line in which the production of BDNF was disrupted. However, these mice had an inadvertent genetic component left in: a neomycin cassette. This unintentional addition led to significant deleterious effects. Researchers at NCI and NIMH have updated these mouse models by removing the neomycin cassette, alleviating the undesired side effects.
Commercial Applications
Improved mouse model for disease invetigation

Competitive Advantages
The mouse models in this invention allow the study of the role of BDNF in the nervous system without the undesired side effects
Licensing Contact:
Dawson, Anton
Phone: 301-339-3200