Technology ID

Zika Virus NS-1 Inhibitors for the Treatment of Zika Virus Infection

Lead Inventor
Tang, Hengli (Florida State University Research Foundation, Inc (FSURF))
Lee, Emily (Florida State University Research Foundation, Inc (FSURF))
Zheng, Wei (NCATS)
Huang, Ruili (NCATS)
Xu, Miao (NCATS)
Song, Hongjun (Johns Hopkins University)
Ming, Guo-Li (Johns Hopkins University)
Xia, Menghang (NCATS)
Huang, Wenwei (NCATS)
Therapeutic Areas
Infectious Disease
This technology includes a new Zika virus NS-1 assay which was used for a compound screen. Because the NS-1 protein is synthesized only in the Zika virus replication stage, the inhibition of NS-1 protein level by compounds determined in this NS-1 assay indicates the inhibition of Zika virus replication in human cells. A total of 256 compounds have been identified as active compounds that inhibited NS-1 production in human cells that have the potential to be developed as new therapeutics for the treatment of infection with Zika virus.
Commercial Applications
Treatment of Zika virus infection.

Competitive Advantages
Repositioning CDK inhibitor to treat infection with Zika virus can move to clinical trials quickly.
Licensing Contact:
Vepa, Suryanarayana
Phone: 301-827-7181