Technology ID

Benchtop Solid Phase Extractor

Lead Inventor
Godfrey, Alexander (NCATS)
Verma, Meghav (NCATS)
Goyal, Vishakha (NCATS)
Bende, Pranav (NCATS)
Michael, Samuel (NCATS)
Research Materials
Non-Medical Devices
Medical Devices
Lead IC
This technology includes a device to allow chemists to process crude reaction mixtures with the objective of isolating the desired product from reaction by-products and other solvents and impurities to provide material of adequate quality and purity to be submitted for further chromatographic purification or used directly in subsequent reactions. The instrument serves in facilitating the integration of a close-to-universal set of isolation techniques collectively referred to as “solid-phase extraction” (SPE) methods. Alternatively, depending on the overall chemistry objective sought by the user, the media may also selectively absorb impurities or byproducts while desired material is eluted through the media.
Commercial Applications
Such an instrument could become an important productivity-enhancing instrument that chemists could use at the bench much like they use personal chromatography equipment today, and could also be integrated into a component to an automated chemical synthesis apparatus.

Competitive Advantages
  • Level sensing using state of the art vision system. Used to provide closed loop control of the liquid transfer process.
  • Ability to stage different size of SPE’s using cartridge adapters developed in-house.
  • Ability to stage multiple SPE’s and quickly swap from one to next.
Licensing Contact:
Erwin-Cohen, Rebecca