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Methods and Systems for Evaporation of Solvents and Solid Phase Extraction

Lead Inventor
Godfrey, Alexander (NCATS)
Bende, Pranav (NCATS)
Wallgren, Linus (NCATS)
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There is an acute deficit in chemical synthesis with respect to benchtop tools that are specifically designed to address the capability and efficiency of certain key aspects of chemical synthesis, namely reaction preparation, product isolation, and solvent removal. Chemical research currently relies upon a variety of devices that function in a manner that is disconnected, as well as difficult to integrate and automate; collectively, these device challenges hinder the efficient isolation and purification of desired chemical synthesis products. This invention addresses a critical need for chemists looking to improve the efficiency of their chemical syntheses.

Scientists at NCATS have developed a suite of technologies to facilitate the integration of a close-to-universal set of isolation techniques collectively referred to as “solid phase extraction” methods (SPE). The devices allow a crude reaction mixture to be passed through a variety of media with highly selective adsorptive properties allowing for selective separation of the product of interest in very rapid and efficient manner. In addition, the inventions include: the design of a device that attaches to the top of any laboratory vessel and facilitates evaporation by forcing a gas stream through a helical guide while applying vacuum to an exhaust port to accelerate the evaporation of solvents in the vessel; as well as a device for sweeping the headspace of a reaction vial with an inert gas to protect air-sensitive reactions whilst allowing liquid or solid reagents to be readily added. These devices can be manufactured from chemically compatible 3D printed parts significantly improving their accessibility and appeal by laboratory scientists. A variety of SPE media and cartridges exist, but what is missing is equipment that automates associated methods relevant to chemical synthesis versus the more common use in analyte preparation. This invention fills such a gap and will help chemists achieve greater efficiencies and automation in their synthetic work.

NCATS is actively seeking licensing and/or co-development research collaborations for the suite of Solid Phase Extraction and Purification technologies.
Commercial Applications
  • Drug development industry
  • Agricultural chemical synthesis and purification
  • New materials industry
Competitive Advantages
  • Suite of inventions forms a “close-to-universal” set of methods and equipment for solid phase extraction
  • Currently available methods and equipment are considered “bespoke” but have failed to operate as commercially viable options
  • Expanded extraction selectivity and productivity options
  • Reduced overall footprint makes the system attractive for benchtop use
Licensing Contact:
Erwin-Cohen, Rebecca