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Simian T-Cell Lymphotropic Virus Strain Type 3 (STLV-3) Subtype D Variant, a Highly Divergent STLV-3, for Development of Diagnostics, Therapeutics, Vaccines and Research Tools

Lead Inventor
Switzer, William (CDC)
Heneine, Walid (CDC)
Folks, Thomas (CDC)
Burke, Donald
Sintasath, David
Wolfe, Nathan
Research Materials
Occupational Safety and Health
Consumer Products
Therapeutic Areas
Infectious Disease
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Simian T-cell lymphotropic viruses (STLV) are nonhuman primate retroviruses closely related to the human T-lymphotropic virus (HTLV). Types I, II, and III of HTLV have been found in humans and are believed to have originated from cross-species transmission of STLV from infected nonhuman primates. The HTLV viruses are known to cause leukemia, lymphoma, and neurological disorders.

CDC researchers discovered a strain of simian T-cell lymphotropic virus type 3 known as STLV-3 subtype D variant. STLV-3 may be widespread in primates hunted in West-Central Africa, including the monkey Cercopithecus mona, which has a known geographic habitat range from Ghana to Cameroon. This increases the risk to hunters and persons in contact with primate bushmeat for infection with STLV-3-like viruses. Thus, the discovery of the highly divergent STLV-3 subtype D variant implies that a similar virus (HTLV-3) subtype D variant could be spreading undetected in humans.
Commercial Applications
  • Diagnostic reagents for clinical and research testing for STLV-3-like viruses in humans
  • Diagnostic reagents for screening the blood supply for STLV-3 subtype D variant
  • Testing of divergent strains of STLV and HTLV for susceptibility to known or experimental antiretrovirals (ARV drugs) using in vitro assays
  • Reagents for vaccines to HTLV
  • Zoonosis monitoring and surveillance
  • Simian/human T-cell lymphotropic virus research
Competitive Advantages
  • Allows for detection of STLV strain STLV-3 subtype D variant
  • Facilitates monitoring of viral diversity and study of zoonotic disease transmission
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Mitzelfelt, Jeremiah