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A New Class of Immunomodulatory Drugs for Multiple Sclerosis

Lead Inventor
Lenardo, Michael (NIAID)
Li, Jian (NIAID)
Zheng, Lixin (NIAID)
Lee, Jae Won (NIAID)
Lu, Wei (NIAID)
Therapeutic Areas
Lead IC
Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disease caused by activated autoimmune T lymphocytes in patients resulting in inflammatory demyelination in the central nervous system. Current treatments are focused on functional control of these activated autoimmune T cells, but these treatments are non-specific T cell inhibitors and have serious, sometimes fatal side effects. A specific therapy aimed at eliminating these autoimmune T cells through restimulation-induced cell death (RICD) could cure the disease and overcome the fatal side effects of current therapies. NIAID inventors have identified a multi-valent tolerogen (MMPt), which can specifically elicit RICD of the activated, disease causing autoimmune T cells without compromising the general T cell-dependent immunity in the host. Animal studies have demonstrated that MMPt exerts robust therapeutic effects on both monophasic as well as relapsing-remitting type of the disease, indicating its medical applicability for treating MS patients with active disease. NIAID is seeking partners to develop this multi-valent peptide to improve its efficacy for use in clinical trials.

This technology is available for licensing for commercial development in accordance with 35 U.S.C. § 209 and 37 CFR Part 404, as well as for further development and evaluation under a research collaboration.
Commercial Applications
  • Therapeutics
Competitive Advantages
  • Tolerogen induced elimination of activated autoimmune T cells will overcome the fatal side effects of current therapies
  • Treatment of all types of MS patients
Licensing Contact:
Prabhu, Yogikala