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Multi-Photon Microscopy System Configured for Multiview Non-Linear Optical Imaging

Lead Inventor
Wu, Yicong (NIBIB)
Germain, Ronald (NIAID)
Tang, Jianyong (NIAID)
Shroff, Hari (NIBIB)
Development Status
Lead IC
This invention is a microscopy device and system for multi-photon microscopy utilizing multi-view nonlinear optical imaging. Nonlinear optical imaging remains the premier technique for deep-tissue imaging in which typically a multi photon arrangement may be used to illuminate and excite a sample. However, the penetration depth, signal-to-noise ratio, and resolution of this technique is ultimately limited by scattering. The present system addresses these issues by sequential excitation of a sample through three or more objective lenses oriented at different axes intersecting the sample. Each objective lens is capable of focused sequential excitation that elicits fluorescence emissions from the excited sample, which is then simultaneously detected by each respective objective lens along a respective longitudinal axis. Including multiple lenses will improve the penetration depth and at the same time decrease the loss of detail because of scattering. The system also can overcome losses in spatial resolution because of the scattering of the excitation and emission light.
Commercial Applications
  • High resolution multi-photon microscopy
  • Deep tissue visualization
Competitive Advantages
  • Improved signal-to-noise ratio
  • Improved spatial resolution
Licensing Contact:
Surabian, Karen