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Non-toxic Compounds that Inhibit the Formation and Spreading of Tumors

Lead Inventor
Patnaik, Samarjit (NHGRI)
Therapeutic Areas
Development Status
  • Early-stage
  • In vitro data available
Available for licensing are novel pyrrolopyrimidine compounds that disrupt the assembly of the perinucleolar compartment (PNC), a sub-nuclear structure highly prevalent in metastatic tumors. These notable compounds act without overt cytotoxicity.

The presence of the PNC positively correlates with metastatic capacity, making it a potential marker for cancer development and prognosis. These compounds could also serve as useful tools to elucidate the biology driving the formation and maintenance of the PNC, and unravel its association with metastasis.
Commercial Applications
  • Use in the therapeutic intervention of metastasis in cancer
  • Use as tools to elucidate the biology of the PNC
Competitive Advantages
  • No existing FDA-approved treatment for the clinical management of metastasis
  • Target is specific to metastatic tumors
  • Compounds are not toxic
  • Broadly acting across all metastatic cancers
Licensing Contact:
Vepa, Suryanarayana
Phone: 301-827-7181