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A Computer Program to Predict Optimal Sites on Protein Sequences for Production of Peptide-Directed Antibodies (NHLBI AbDesigner)

Lead Inventor
Knepper, Mark (NHLBI)
Development Status
Fully developed
Lead IC
The invention offered for licensing is a computer program called "NHLBI AbDesigner" that allows the user to input a unique identifier for an individual mammalian protein to be analyzed in order to find out what short peptides in its amino sequence would most likely result in a strong immunogenic response when injected into a research animal. The software displays standard predictors of immunogenicity and antigenicity in easy-to-view heat maps and also allows users to choose peptides most likely to elicit antibodies that are specific to said protein. The computer code is written in Java and would be made available in the form of .jar files.

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Commercial Applications
  • Design and production of antibodies for research or therapeutic purposes
  • Bioinformatic analysis of protein structure and functions
  • Analysis and interpretation of proteomic data
Competitive Advantages
  • This program allows the user to identify tradeoffs in the decision making process by aligning various types of information with the amino acid sequence, constituting an improvement over present ad hoc methods of accumulating and relating different type of information regarding immunogenicity, uniqueness of sequences, conservation of sequences, and presence of post-translational modifications.
Licensing Contact:
Shmilovich, Michael