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A Locking Device for Permanently Securing Surgical Suture Loops

Lead Inventor
Kocaturk, Ozgur (NHLBI)
Development Status
Early stage
Lead IC
This technology relates to a device that can be used to non-invasively secure surgical suture loops when combined with a percutaneous delivery system. It has been shown to be effective in correcting mitral valve regurgitation (MVR) in an animal model. During the procedure, a guidewire is percutaneously conveyed to the atrium of the heart and is used to secure the "cerclage" suture encircling the mitral valve annulus, which is delivered using a delivery catheter. The locking device is advanced over the suture by the delivery catheter and it permanently secures the suture and maintains the tension on the annulus once the delivery system is removed. This locking device, in combination with the percutaneous procedure, allows for more complete coaptation of the valve leaflets and correction of MVR without the need for open heart surgery and its associated risks. The locking device is also adjustable, allowing the user to vary the tension on the suture if further tightening or loosening is required. It is also MRI compatible and all follow-up studies can be performed under MRI.

This invention has demonstrated its ability to correct MVR in animals where the locking device was observed to maintain the correct position and tension after implantation. This device has the potential to replace the traditional loop and knot method used for surgical correction of MVR, and may also be useful for other conditions that require permanently secured suture loops.
Commercial Applications
  • Non-invasive and effective correction of MVR and other conditions
  • Tensioning device for securing suture loops
Competitive Advantages
  • Technology amenable to a non-invasive technique
  • Control of tension on surgical sutures
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Mistry, Pragnesh
Phone: 301-594-4090