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Self-Expanding Stent for Valve Replacement

Lead Inventor
Horvath, Keith (NHLBI)
Mazilu, Dumitru (NHLBI)
Li, Ming (NHLBI)
Lead IC
Aortic stenosis and aortic regurgitation are the most common types of aortic valvular diseases. Such diseased aortic valves in the body are traditionally replaced with valve prosthesis by an open surgical implantation. Available for licensing and commercial development is intellectual property covering stents for use with valve prostheses. As illustrated below, one possible embodiment of the invention includes a self-expandable stent with an elastic tubular latticework having radial and longitudinal direction. The stent geometry and mechanical parameters provide more anatomically-correct placement and the flexible scaffolding of the valve (using an interconnected four-sided polygons and longitudinal rods comprising a self-expanding stent with a plurality of struts connecting a plurality of rods) allow for secure implantation with adaptable apposition of the prosthesis in the aorta.

Commercial Applications
  • Cardiac Surgery
  • Cardiology
  • Surgery
  • Stent implantation
Licensing Contact:
Shmilovich, Michael