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Active MRI Compatible and Visible iMRI Catheter

Kocaturk, Ozgur
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MRI is a promising imaging modality that provides superior soft tissue contrast and multi planar real-time imaging without harmful ionizing radiation for therapeutic procedures. Interventional magnetic resonance imaging (iMRI) has gained important popularity in many fields such as interventional cardiology and radiology, owing to the development of minimally invasive techniques and visible catheters under MRI for conducting MRI-guided procedures and therapies. This invention relates to a novel MRI compatible and active visible catheter for conducting interventional and intraoperative procedures under the guidance of MRI. The catheter features a non conductive transmission line and the use of ultrasonic transducers that transform RF signals to ultrasonic signals for transmitting RF signal to the MRI scanner. The unique design of this catheter overcomes the concern of patient/sample heating (due to the coupling between RF transmission energy and long conductors within catheter) associated with the design of conventional active MRI catheters.
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Mistry, Pragnesh