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A Nurr1-Knockout Mouse Model for Parkinson's Disease and Stem Cell Differentiation

Nikodem, Vera
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The researchers have generated Nurr1-knockout mice via genomic locus inactivation using homologous recombination.

Transcription factor Nurr1 is an obligatory factor for neurotransmitter dopamine biosynthesis in ventral midbrain. From a neurological and clinical perspective, it suggests an entirely new mechanism for dopamine depletion in a region where dopamine is known to be involved in Parkinson's disease. Activation of Nurr1 may be therapeutically useful for Parkinson's disease patients; therefore, the mice would be useful in Parkinson's disease research.

Additionally, Nurr1 has been shown to be critical for development of midbrain dopaminergic neurons, and thus may contribute to stem cell-based therapies for neurological disorders. Nurr1 is also important for osteoblast differentiation, suggesting a general role in stem cell differentiation and growth.
Commercial Applications
  • Research and drug testing for Parkinson's disease and other neurological disorders
  • Stem cell research relating to neurological and other disorders and bone formation
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