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Myelin Basic Protein-specific T cell Clones TL3A6, TL5F6, and TL5G7

Martin, Roland
McFarland, Henry (Estate of) (National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke)
Lead IC
Autoreactive T cell clones such as TL3A6 and TL5F6 that recognize an autoantigen, which is potentially relevant for an autoimmune disease, for example, multiple sclerosis (MS), offer the potential to examine the disease pathogenesis and develop new treatments. Such treatments aim at disrupting or interfering with the specific interaction between autoreactive T cells, antigen presenting cells and antigenic peptide. Current treatments have immunomodulatory effects and side effects. These T cell lines will be useful for developing novel treatment approaches for multiple sclerosis. The T cell lines can be used to test treatments that block or interfere with surface receptors of these cells.
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