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Antibody to Estrogen Related Receptor alpha

Teng, Christina
Lead IC
Estrogen related receptor alpha (ERRalpha) is a family member of the steroid/thyroid nuclear receptor superfamily. Estrogen related receptors are thought to regulate similar target genes in the absence of known ligands. For example, the inventors previously cloned the human estrogen receptor-related orphan receptor alpha1 cDNA and demonstrated that it enhances estrogen responsiveness of the lactoferrin gene promoter in transfected human endometrial carcinoma cells.

The inventors have produced a peptide and fusion protein rabbit polyclonal antibody against ERRalpha1-C terminal (anti-ERRalpha-CT), which has been utilized for immunostaining, Chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP), immunoprecipitation/immunoblottin (IP/IB) and Western blot. This antibody targets the C-terminus of the protein, which is a conserved region in human and mouse. The antibody will be a valuable tool to study the expression and function of the protein in rodent models, whereas the human antibody is already commercially available. The inventors also have available mouse cDNA for ERRalpha1, which can be used to detect mRNA.
Licensing Contact:
Choudhry, Vidita