Method and Apparatus for Bioweapon Decontamination

It is in the interest of the public health and national security that the Public Health Service find a licensee for the commercial development and rapid dissemination of the apparatus and method of this invention.

The apparatus enables the decontamination of articles contaminated with bioweapons, more particularly sporolated bioweapons of which anthrax (Bacillus anthracis) is of notable concern. The system includes enclosing the article to be decontaminated in a humidified environment thus enhancing the susceptibility of spores to decontamination gases such as chlorine dioxide.

Stem Cell Culture, Monitoring and Storage System

Available for licensing is a closed chamber that provides an environment for long-term culture of stem cells, stems cells of central nervous system (CNS) origin, embryonic stem cells, and other cells. The chamber is designed with top and bottom mounted cover slips that permit the observation of cells in culture under an optical microscope. This chamber has the ability to control volume and pressure of liquids and gases by an inlet tube and outlet tubes at two different vertical positions.