Paying from a NON-U.S. Bank Account


IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to reference the appropriate OTT license agreement number (L-000-0000) on all payments.


The NIH now accepts DEBIT or CREDIT CARD payments for royalties.  Go to the U.S. Treasury Web Site located at: Enter “NIH” in the search function to locate the “NIH Royalty Payments” form. Transactions are limited to $24,999. You may not split payments using the same credit card if the total will be over the limit, even if partial payments are made on different days. However, you can use a different credit card for each partial payment. There is no transaction limit on the use of Debit Cards, except for the funds available in your account.

Credit and Debit Cards Accepted by

  • American Express
  • Discover and cards showing Discover Logo including
    • JCB
    • Union Pay
    • Some Diners Club cards
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Debit Cards showing the MasterCard or Visa logo logo can be used to make secure electronic payments to Federal
Government Agencies and is the preferred method of payment for NIH.

Please note that Automated Clearing House (ACH) Payments cannot be submitted through by non-U.S. companies.


Electronic Funds Wire Transfers

Drawn on a foreign bank account via FEDWIRE: 
The following instructions pertain to the Fedwire Network. Deposits made in US Dollars (USD).
Should your remitter utilize a correspondent US domestic bank in transferring electronic funds, the following Fedwire instructions are applicable.
Fedwire Field Tag Fedwire Field Name Required Information
{1510} Type/Subtype 1000
{2000} Amount (enter payment amount)
{3100} Sender Bank ABA routing number (enter the US correspondent bank’s ABA routing number)
{3400} Receiver ABA routing number* 021030004
{3400} Receiver ABA short name TREAS NYC
{3600} Business Function Code CTR (or CTP)
{4200} Beneficiary Identifier (account number)**
(enter 12 digit gateway account #)
{4200} Beneficiary Name

(enter agency name associated with the Beneficiary Identifier)
DHHS / NIH (75080031)

{5000} Originator

(enter the name of the originator of the payment)

{6000} Originator to Beneficiary Information – Line 1

(enter information to identify the purpose of the payment)

{6000} Originator to Beneficiary Information – Line 2

(enter information to identify the purpose of the payment)

{6000} Originator to Beneficiary Information – Line 3

(enter information to identify the purpose of the payment)

{6000} Originator to Beneficiary Information – Line 4 (enter information to identify the purpose of the payment)

 *The financial institution address for Treasury’s routing number is 33 Liberty Street, New York, NY 10045.

**Anything other than the 12 digit gateway account # will cause the Fedwire to be returned – SWIFT CODE: FRNYUS33

Agency Contacts:   Office of Technology Transfer (OTT); (301) 496-7057;



Make Payable To:

  • NIH Patent Licensing

Reference On Check:

  • License Number (L-XXX-XXXX)
  • Invoice Number
  • Payment Term (Minimal Annual Royalty, Execution Royalty, Earned Royalty, etc.)
  • Must be in U.S. Dollars

Send Directly To:

  • National Institutes of Health (NIH)
    Office of Technology Transfer
    Royalties Administration Unit
    6701 Rockledge Drive, 
    Suite 700, MSC 7788
    Bethesda, Maryland 20892 U.S.A.