Translational Neuropsychopharmacology Initiative by NIMH

The mission of NIMH is to translate the understanding and treatment of mental illnesses through basic and clinical research leading to prevention, recovery and cure. Many pharmaceutical companies generally prefer to invest in more profitable disease areas. NIMH Intramural Research Program (IRP) initiated Translational Neuropsychopharmacology Task Force (TNTF) with expert scientists from the pharmaceutical industry and the NIH to recommend new project proposals for grant support by the NIMH IRP. This remarkable approach will stimulate research and will pave the way towards novel discoveries on psychiatric disorders including target validation, biomarker development, IND enabling studies, Phase I safety / tolerability and Phase II proof of concept studies.

The Government, companies, scientists and advocates need put their efforts together to cure the age-old problem of mental illness. Please, contact the Director of Translational Neuropsychopharmacology Task Force, Dr. Janet Clark to submit your proposal. To learn further about NIMH IRP Translational Neuropsychopharmacology Initiative, please click here.  

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