Steven Rosenberg Receives HHS Secretary’s Award for Distinguished Service

Congratulations - Dr. Steven Rosenberg Receives HHS Secretary's Award for Distinguished Service

Dr. Steven Rosenberg has received the HHS Secretary’s Award for distinguished service, the highest honor given by HHS. The award is for excellence in leadership, ability, and service. He received this award due to his contributions to the development of cutting-edge cancer therapies.

Dr. Rosenberg has been Chief of Surgery at the National Cancer Institute for 47 years. His research has been focused on ways to treat cancer that don’t involve scalpels, chemotherapy drugs, or radiation beams, but instead focus on using immunotherapy and gene therapy. Dr. Rosenberg has many technologies available for licensing or collaboration.

There is the Extremely Rapid Method to Isolate Neoantigen Reactive T Cell Receptors (TCRs) which is available for licensing or collaboration and has many commercial applications including personalized cell therapy to treat cancer patients, research tool to identify mutation-specific TCRs, and developing treatment against chronic infections which are expected to have similar T-cell dysfunction signatures (e.g. HIV, HCV, Tb, etc.) among others.

Another technology that Dr. Rosenberg was the lead inventor on which is available for licensing or collaboration is Chimeric Antigen Receptors (CARs) that Recognize Mesothelin for Cancer Immunotherapy. CARs with high affinity for mesothelin can be used as an immunotherapy to treat cancers that express mesothelin. The commercial applications for this technology include immunotherapeutics to treat and/or prevent the reoccurrence of cancers that overexpress mesothelin, a personalized cancer treatment strategy, and tools to diagnose the presence of mesothelin-expressing tumors.

If you are interested in seeing more technologies available from Dr. Rosenberg, you can view them here.