Promising VSV-EBOV-Based Vaccine Against COVID-19 Available for Licensing

Are you interested in licensing a COVID-19 vaccine? As the pandemic continues, a safe, affordable, and efficacious vaccine continues to be of urgent importance. Scientists at NIAID have developed a vaccine against COVID-19 by utilizing the well-characterized vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) encoding the Ebola virus (VSV-EBOV) to express additionally a codon-optimized SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. One intranasal or intramuscular dose of the vaccine showed protective efficacy against COVID-19 in hamsters after four weeks and one intramuscular injection showed protective efficacy against COVID-19 pneumonia in rhesus macaques within 10 days. This vaccine has been shown to elicit a high antigen-specific antibody titer within the host after just a single dose.

Licensing this technology has many competitive advantages, as it:

  • Utilizes the established and well characterized VSV-EBOV vector
  • Expresses high antigen titers within host cells
  • Single dose protective efficacy against COVID-19
  • Inexpensive and replicable

This technology presents an exciting opportunity as it is single dose and inexpensive to replicate. It is available for licensing as a biological material for commercial development. To find out more about this technology, you can view it here.

To license this technology, please contact Jeffrey Thruston at 301-594-5179 or and reference E-258-2020-0.