Opportunity to License Personalized Weight Management Program

Precision medicine is becoming popular in all categories of medicine and has now made its way to weight management. Scientists at NIDDK have developed new methods for prescribing and monitoring personalized weight management interventions. People who make an attempt to lose weight are often unsuccessful, and 60-80% of people who do lose weight gain it back. This is often due to antiquated dieting methods that only address calorie consumption and ignore metabolic and physical changes.

The system that NIDDK scientists have developed uses validated mathematical models of human metabolism to set weight management goals and predict individual body weight outcomes. The system monitors a patient’s body weight to assess progress and provide specific feedback to the patient and health care professional. The system is integrated into a network of one or more devices that monitor things such as physical activities, food intake, and other physiological parameters.

To read more about this opportunity, click here. If you are interested in licensing this technology, please contact Ediz Yonter, M.S., J.D. at ediz.yonter@nih.gov or 301-443-7949.