Opportunity to Bring First HIV Vaccine to Market

Opportunity to Bring First HIV Vaccine to Market

Are you interested in completely changing the current way HIV infections are addressed? Don’t miss your chance to hear from NCI’s Dr. Genoveffa Franchini about the opportunity to license or collaborate on a new HIV vaccine with the potential to prevent HIV infection and treat HIV. Currently, the FDA has approved 57 HIV therapeutics, but there are no HIV vaccines on the market. This HIV vaccine would protect uninfected individuals from contracting the disease and would help to provide a potential cure for infected individuals.

Research has shown that antibodies produced against variable envelope region 2 (V2) of gp120 in primates are associated with higher levels of protection, with antibodies produced against V1 have the opposite and interfering effect. Researchers at NCI and New York University have developed V1-deleted gp120 immunogens using Simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) and observed an increase in antibodies against V2. This vaccine has an efficacy of up to 70%.

NCI is seeking a collaboration partner for the NCI Phase 2 and 3 clinical trials for this vaccine and/or a licensing partner to bring this vaccine to market.

Attending this webinar presents a great opportunity to discuss this vaccine with the lead inventor, Dr. Franchini, learn how to partner with NCI, and to discuss two other NCI technologies that further enhance this vaccine’s effectiveness:


This free webinar will be hosted on July 13, 2021, from 11 am-12 pm, EST. Register here. For more information on this vaccine technology, check out the abstract here.