NCI’s Whitney Hastings Elected FLC Chair

NCI's Whitney Hastings Elected FLC Chair

Whitney Hastings, Senior Technology Transfer Manager, National Cancer Institute, has been elected as Chair of the Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) Executive Board. Whitney will begin her term on October 1, 2023. She is succeeding Linda Burger as Chair. This will be the first time in the organization’s history that female Chairs have been elected back-to-back.

Whitney has been involved with the FLC since 2016, when she attended her first National Meeting and subsequently joined the Awards committee. This experience allowed her to learn from other labs and bring back some best practices from other labs to her own and expand her technology transfer knowledge beyond that of HHS. After taking over as Chair, she was able to develop and moderate panels and events at the FLC National meeting, add new award categories, lead the strategic and financial elements of the program, and work with fellow board members to develop FLC’s next five-year strategic plan. Whitney currently serves as the Promote Committee Chair where she has provided the leadership and vision for FLC’s communication products (such as the planner, FLC newsletters, and Lab Tech in Your Life), the website and FLC business redesign, and the new unified awards program. Being a part of the FLC has given her a network of people and resources to reach out to when needing an outside the box approach to marketing a technology or getting a deal done.

When asked last fall to discuss what FLC means to her, Whitney said that “the FLC has been key to my growth as a senior technology transfer professional. It is truly a rewarding experience that has provided me with professional growth, new skill sets, and an opportunity to give back to the technology transfer community in an impactful way.”

As Chair, she aims to energize the federal tech transfer community and increase engagement. We have no doubt that she will! If you are interested in becoming involved with the FLC, check out their volunteer opportunities here.