NCI Webinar on New Cytokine Software Platform Available for Licensing/Collaboration

Join NCI for Webinar on CytoSig Opportunity

Join the National Cancer Institute (NCI) for a webinar on an exciting new software platform for providing both a database of target genes modulated by cytokines and a predictive model of cytokine signaling cascades from transcriptomic profiles. “CytoSig” is tool for leveraging the big data resource in public domains to predict clinical outcomes of anticancer therapies that inhibit cytokine signaling. This technology is available for co-development and/or licensing.

CytoSig covers 20,591 curated human cytokine, chemokine, and growth factor response experiments, and can reliably predict the activity of 43 cytokines in both tissues and single cells based on the transcriptional effect of cytokine target genes.

The numerous commercial applications of CytoSig include:

  • Predicting cytokine target activities from bulk transcriptomic data available from large-scale cohorts and single-cell RNA-seq data.
  • Identifying new immunological functions of cytokines and candidate therapeutic targets in inflammatory diseases.
  • Predicting the clinical outcome of therapies that inhibit cytokine signaling in human inflammatory diseases and cancer.
  • Framework for Data Curation (FDC) can be used by data scientists to accelerate data curation projects.
  • Applicable to cancers, infectious diseases, and inflammation.

The competitive advantages include:

  • Integrative framework that leverages the big-data resource in public domains to identify candidate therapeutic targets.
  • Higher cytokine coverage compared to existing databases.
  • CytoSig predictions had better associations with the clinical outcome than other metrics, such as ligand or receptor expression and gene-set signatures.
  • Offers particular advantages in analyzing single-cell data because it is not affected by the absence of cytokine-producing cells or zero read counts for ligand or receptor genes.

For more information on this amazing opportunity, attend NCI’s free virtual webinar on May 25, 2022 at 11am ET. Dr. Peng Jiang, CytoSig’s lead inventor, will be speaking and answering questions. Register here. For more information on this technology, view the abstract here.